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Саша Флит
25 September 1975
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My main concern is to express my feelings, to pose the camera the same questions I ask myself about our every day life. My works, are perhaps, a kind of transitional expression, a metaphor of the human condition, a visual perception of the things that binds the two of my personal worlds — my Russian background in terms of smells, tastes, memories and nostalgic recollections on the one hand and my intense, yet colorful Mediterranean present, on the other hand.

I view my photographs with much lightness and the only thing I hope they will become tiny particles of the melting moments combining the miracle of our every day life puzzle.
макияж, психология, рисование, театр, фотошоп, אוכל, אופנה, אנשים, ארועים, טבע/נוף, מוצרים, פורטרייט, פירסום, קטלוגים, שחור-לבן

Social capital

  • less than 10